Eye Glass Leashes

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Every effort has been made to make these the best available anywhere, at any price! These are just plain fun, in addition to serving a purpose! Wear some art!

We make ALL our own clay beads, including the face bead found on each color leash. There is no paint, nor ink, on any of our beads...even the eyelashes, (both upper and lower) are strips of clay!  See bracelet page for close up of beads.

The leashes are strung on a very expensive stainless steel 49 strand cable that is 26 pound test! Not only will the cable not break, but it will not kink over the years...it will always look as if it had been strung on silk. Crimp beads have been used instead of knotting the ends for greater strength.

The end pieces have been researched, and after numerous trials, we finalized on the current black tips. With proper care, they will last better than anything else we've seen.

Beads will vary slightly, but have a similar look.        $25 each

Special rates for ten or more.


Color eye leash             B & W eye leash           Earth tone eye               

         Color               Black & White        Earth tones


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